Herkimer 9, LLC

Primary Mission:
​Provide the primary lead in the strategic redevelopment plan for North Main Street, intended as a framework for the phased implementation of site development, new construction and building renovations in the historic center of Herkimer, New York.

Established in 2020

This development centers on the themes of Herkimer’s role in the history of basketball, historic buildings, and early industrial prominence exemplified by the Quackenbush Factory.

The Herkimer 9, LLC operates in cooperation with the Herkimer 9 Foundation as per a common vision to revitalize the Village of Herkimer both for community enrichment and economic development.

Our Mission

The first game of basketball is believed to have been played at the Herkimer YMCA in February 1891. Many of the rules which govern modern basketball are believed to have been developed there as well. Mr. Quackenbush was not only an inventor and industrialist, but also the President of the Herkimer YMCA at the time of this first game. We will be displaying all the evidence and memorabilia at a new museum in the historic court house to show the timeline of basketball.

Our Team

Scott Flansburg

CEO and President

Scott is known worldwide as ‘The Human Calculator’ and is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the ‘fastest human calculator’. He is also a best selling author and host of his own tv show on The History Channel International. Scott’s newest project is ‘The National Counting Bee’ which will be held in Herkimer on April 28, 2021. He is a Herkimer native and also an Air Force Veteran.

Brion Carroll


Brion has a lengthy career in business operations and executive positions in companies that focus on bringing value to target markets. As CEO of Life Cycle Solutions, Inc. he was responsible for leading the consulting efforts in a range of companies in aerospace, automotive, high tech, discrete manufacturing. He also served as CEO / President of Aptavis Technologies Corporation, responsible for the development and delivery of software technology (PLM) to the Retail industry, resulting in the acquisition of the company by high-tech giant PTC. Brion has also been activity in the Planning Boards in Hudson, NH, as well as representing Hudson in the Nashua Regional Planning Commission, and the principle author of the Master Plan 2020 as chairman of the Village of Herkimer Planning Board. Brion is a Herkimer native and also an Air Force veteran.

Chris Lotey

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Herkimer 9, LLC Advisors

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